Web Design

To have an effective web design you need to consider the usability of a website for your users. Your visitors are looking for information, entertainment, some form of interaction with your site, or to learn about your business. Your site needs to convey a clear purpose, and fulfill a specific need for your users to want to visit in the most effective way possible.

People on the information highway want to find out information quickly. You need to communicate clearly and easy to read and understand. If information can not be found within the "3 click rule" you have lost the visitor. Navigation should allow people to take action and move around your website easily. Using bread crumbs helps the visitor know where they are in the website and where they came from, helping them navigate your site easily.

It is said that "A picture can speak a thousand words", and we want to help you with your brand positioning and connect with your audience. Using info graphics, videos and graphics are more effective at communicating than text.

Use the natural reader's eye behavior and display information in order of importance (left to right, and top to bottom).

Your site needs to load all of the information, photos, code in a short amount of time to insure that visitors stay on your website. Everyone hates sites that take ages to load. You need to optimize image size, combine code to reduce HTTP requests, and minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript to speed up their load time. This will help eliminate high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and low conversions in your Google Analytic reports if you sign up for these.

A very important principle that Google has been pushing lately is Mobile Friendly. With your web visitors using Smart phones, tablets as well as their desktops you need to have your website designed to be accessible on multiple devices with multiple screen sizes. This will increase your web presence to more visitors and allow them access to your site when they are away from their desktops. Responsive-Web-Design

Our dedicated, friendly web team wants to help you develop an interactive website that visitors will enjoy using. We ensure a beautiful and efficient product using the latest open source technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Apache and MySQL. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important and we create XML sitemaps, Meta tags, page titles, descriptions are carefully constructed to build your brand.

Tech jargon can be intimidating. Don't worry we are here to help guide you every step of the project.